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Lost Tribe Sound I've been following the work of Logan Farmer's Monarch Mtn project for a while now. The guy has always displayed a keen ability for songwriting, but the new album he just released 'Everyone Is Here' is perhaps my favorite, and a big step forward for his rustic homespun brand of experimental folk pop. Got to give it the full album listen though because as the first half only provides a shadow of the beast, the second half unfurls to reveal it's rich dark underbelly. Favorite track: A Waste.
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'Monarch Mtn's 'Everyone Is Here' sounds like rain streaks on a dusty window in October dusklight. It sounds like the silver rise of your breath under the harvest moon. Exquisitely haunting and spookily gorgeous. This is gothic Americana for people who love poetry of sound and word.'
-Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King (Crown Publishing, 2016)

'The palette is undoubtedly gloomy, blacks and greys and deep blues, but Farmer’s warm vocals and poetic turns of phrase flicker across this twilight like threads of gold.'
-Wake The Deaf

'Monarch Mtn's presence floats like an apparition which is discreetly exhibiting its impeccable artistry, still underappreciated and lurking to haunt whomever discovers it next.'


In Summer 2016, I borrowed a friend's telecaster and recorded this album in my living room.

Mastered by Mike Bridavsky


"This world is painted on a wild dark metal"
-Peter Matthiessen, Shadow Country

"Sorrow and solitude; these are the precious things
And the only words that are worth remembering"
-Townes Van Zandt


released October 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Monarch Mtn Fort Collins, Colorado


Monarch Mtn is Logan Farmer

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Track Name: The Power Of Our Kind
What a time to be alive
The earth is dead
We understand the power of our kind

I brought a vase of lilies home
On June the first
The bulbs did burst in shades of white and gold

And it’s not much
But it is something

What a time to touch your skin
When all is lost
It’s as if we never were at all

Maybe that’s the better way
Forget my songs
Forget my face and let the record state

It’s not much
but it’s something

What a time to be alive
The sky is dark
We’re apart but never really

Cause if you simply stand outside
And just look up
A million suns quietly singing

That it’s not much
But it’s something
Track Name: We All Get Sad Sometimes
Suddenly I’m changed
My thoughts have been rewired
We all get sad sometimes
We all get sad sometimes

So leave me to my pain
I’m selfish by design
I will be satisfied
I will be satisfied

What is the trouble that you find here?
In the vast reaches of your mind
You’re too kind
To be destroyed by god

What if I’m awake?
What if I survive?
We all deserve to die
We’re begging for it
We all deserve this life
Whatever happens

What is the trouble that you find here?
By all accounts you're doing fine
You’re too kind
To be destroyed by god
Track Name: The Dark Streets of Newark
Charlie fled and sped away
Down the dark streets of Newark
3 am

A car this age with this many miles
Could feed you for a month
If you got friends at the paint and body

What do you wanna be?
I forgot who I was
The city dark and wild
Watch the gears shift

Mike was drunk and driving home
Through the dark streets of Newark
3 am

Tank of gas, a pack of smokes
And student loans to pay
Might call up a previous lover

The engine on, he grabs his phone
And stares into the light
Focus on the spinning number

What do you wanna be?
I forgot who I was
At the gas station parked
“Get out of the car
Get out of the car
Get the fuck out of the car”

Charlie parks and walks inside
To where his wife sleeps alone
He washes up and lays beside her
Track Name: Marathon Man
Hey - do you got that new chip in your credit card? Inquiring minds await.
Hey - I've been sleeping poorly since the marathon. I came in second place (.2 seconds away, hey hey)
Hey - if that is not a crime then I don't know what is (oh god I want more time) (planets don't align, they just embarrass ours)
So I've been staying in my room.
Track Name: Grey Eyes Kill
Black black black
All I’ve seen
All I’ve known
Is wasted
In my room
In our home

Grey Eyes Kill

Blue, blue, blue
If his fingers left a bruise
That you won’t be
Just ten years old

Grey Eyes Kill

White, white, white
Spirits bright
And oceans wide
And lifting
Lifting high
Should waters rise
So quickly?

And if the bastard ever shows
Strip him naked to the toes
And never roll away his stone
To see him

Grey Eyes Kill
Track Name: The Waking Hours
I wander through the waking hours (little darling - see again)

Something awoke when you wrote your book
(You were never kind to me, but you always told the truth)
And I see the murky depths swirling past your eyes
(It's like nothing's changed, but everything is new)
And I don't want to die in this piece of shit hotel, I want to walk out the door for you and vanish in the air as you bare your teeth
(You're part of the gang now too)

Come on little sugar, don't leave the party now! Everyone is here for you, everyone is here!
Track Name: I Wouldn't Mourn The Loss
See where the line was drawn?
This is the wire you’re balanced on
The highest science: to bargain with the gods

Who do you think you are?
When you’re sleeping the liquor off
A quiet mind is devoted to the cause
Lover, just give em whatever they want

What do you know from the city
Some things don’t grow in soil
But take root in your mind
In an infinite spiral
While the poor man’s bride
Is a corpse in a lavender suit

I wouldn’t mourn the loss
A Cohen is born while it’s garbage you write
A chorus for us
Stop fucking with your voice
Careful, you might just slip into the void
Track Name: A Waste
It’s my favorite image from our trip to New York:
Drunk in the village, facing the storm
Despite the bad weather, we were walking around
Do you remember it now?

When It’s already over
I let my guard down

(Gabe was right, the bastard showed in the frozen night on the horse his father stole)

When It’s already over
I let my guard down

It’s my favorite image from our trip to New York:
Asleep in the kitchen we could barely afford
You took a red marker and you wrote on my face
In your infinite grace:
“A Waste”
“A Waste”
“A Waste”
“A Waste”