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Cary Has a timeless quality. I never tire of this album. Definitely a favourite when chill music is required. Favorite track: Volley.
Scarless Arms
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Scarless Arms I love his voice and the extremely chillfactor which Comes with both of his Albums! Amazing to listen to it all the day long...
Roy Peak
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Roy Peak Dark and mysterious, lyric driven, modern urban folk songs. Favorite track: Volley.
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released September 6, 2014

All songs written by Logan Farmer

Recorded at First String Music in Steamboat Springs, CO

Produced by Logan Farmer

Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording Studio in Bloomington, IN




all rights reserved


Monarch Mtn Fort Collins, Colorado


Monarch Mtn is Logan Farmer

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Track Name: Palace Girl
And I caught you with a palace girl
With hands like marble
In a curious way

And I could have met you in the usual place
But you were insistent
And my lust makes me a slave

So lock the door
I brought the chain
So you could entertain
Me better

And I wouldn’t have it any other way
When my boots of leather
Meet your angular vein

And I could have stepped beyond your cavern
If the blood don’t kick it
Then my desire will fade away

No better way to love you
Of this I am sure
Eternity above you
The killer at your door

And I caught you at the palace doors
Your strength had left you
Your locks left on the floor

And I wouldn’t have it any other way
With a crippling sadness
And a sickness in my brain

A massacre possessed the land
A mandible rotting in your hand
Track Name: DVL
My belief in the gods should suffice
So why is it that they’ve come for me?
To accept the division of life
Is to play some part in their mystery

I told you once
You saved my life
My feral heart
My foreign mind

Dust, Void, Light

I collapse at the ring of a bell
While searching every injury
For the place where your history tells
The reason why you’ve haunted me

And there I stood
My evil eye
I rest my palm
Upon your spine
And I told you once
You saved me life
Now the face of death
Won’t leave my mind

Dust, Void, Light
Track Name: Volley
I walk from the boiler room out to the hall
Where pictures of Rita hang lifeless
Those frail two dimensions don’t suit her at all
Don’t ever say life isn’t priceless

Que Sera sera
I brought shadows in my wake

Que Sera sera
It’s give and take

I enter the chambers of Martha and Bob
A balance of savage distortion
A vibration of strings can’t be closer to God
Than a volley of fatal explosions

Que Sera sera
I taste blood in my mouth

Que Sera sera
Don’t judge me now

I sleep in the rooms where our love wasn’t kept
Where touch was just touching in passion
I dream of the tombs where our bodies are left
And I pray that the sun’s everlasting

Que Sera sera
I brought shadows in my wake

Que Sera sera
It’s give and take

100 years upon this rock
Will you wait for me?
To breathe and wait
To breathe

100 years upon this rock
Such a mystery
To be awake
To be
Track Name: Anchorite
I brought you through the mountain
In the path of gods
I touch you in the soundless
Void of dark
And I won’t be your anchorite nor your reckless fling
Just bring me darkness in the morning, and something cool to drink

I brought you through the kingdom
To an auction block
I feed whiskey to my demons
And they need a lot
But I don’t need another man, to waste my time
Just bring me darkness in the morning to ease my mind

I have built you many fires
I have caught you many dogs
I have worshipped many higher
And many lower than your god
Don’t teach me your arithmetic, I have asked for none
Just bring me darkness, and the courage to wish you harm

I brought you through the window
Where savage men still rest
Where silver dollar women
Will let you paint upon their chests
I could carve a wicked science if you asked me to
I am darkness, I am morning, I will wait for you
Track Name: Channels
Before my waking eyes appears
Machinery beyond my years
How much to make it break?

Brought the wood back through the house
Left the back door swinging loud
Such whispers in my head

While Martha's fine with breaking dishes
I delight in anxious women
Liver in my pot

A monolothic weight beneath you
Something sickly caked in ink
You spilled beneath your pen

Light remains
I feel channels in your spine
And then the pain subsides

Call your brother tell him Vincent
Read the letters that I sent him
Never say a word

I have a vial beneath my vestments
Like a child, such freedom beckons
A momentary pause

I remember holidays
When father would send the dogs away
And shipyard boys would feed them serpents
Whatever heaven considers worthless
So what's your plan for when it happens?
The darkness resting in your hands
What's left beneath the stone?

Well light remains
I feel channels in your spine
They could tame your mind
Track Name: The Calm
Into the city, we will drive
The package to the docks
The seat beside me, my .45
Concealed but always cocked

And into the alley, from the street
I run into your friends
But do they know I brought the heat
All the way from New Orleans
And I am violent
Then accosted by the calm

And from the shipyard, pockets lined
I want to buy a drink
From what I sold I pinched some lines
To wet my swollen beak

And I walk into the room to find
Your vision has been freed
And the weight that once brought peace of mind
Now brings me to my knees
And I am violent
Then accosted by the calm
The calm

Beyond the garden, hypnotized
The origin of my breath
The hand that yields us, shields our eyes
Upon the gilded crest

And I open up the door to find
My body is possessed
This infant child lost his mind
Upon the fields of death
And I am violent
And then accosted by the calm
Track Name: DAU
Words are forbidden here
We can whisper in the dark
My mind once was crystal clear
But now I’m full of talk
Better hide your ribbons, doll

Your back pressed against the stone
The ladder of your spine
I feel you moving in my bones
I can see you in my mind
And I eat your dinner

Don’t talk to me of sinful men
The hands you touch are true
Through corridors of blood and skin
I’ll find some trace of you
Perhaps I’ll find me too

I confess I’ve been a conjuror
I’ve felt the walls of time
They bend space into particles
That burst before your eyes
Each second of your life

The word is a forbidden love
And silence is a myth
I could find you in a crystal ball
Yet I found you just like this
We are constellations, split

A blessed touch beneath our weight
The warmth under the stone
Eternity will not create
And nothing is destroyed
Son, greet your mother
Track Name: Mosaic
No man is a saint
Well no saint is a giant
Yes but no giant is placed
In the ranks of the highest

oh not today

No woman be wed
No child be crying
Or your years shall be spent
In the den of the lion

oh not today

No man is a saint
Well no saint is in power
And if power was claimed
Then sweet flesh would turn sour

Oh not today