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released November 6, 2015

Recorded Summer 2015 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

All songs written by Logan Farmer

Additional Instrumentation:
Sean Culliton - Saxophone
Robin Rütenberg - Flute, Vocals
Liz Ross - Vocals

Produced by Logan Farmer
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording Studio in Bloomington, Indiana

Special thanks to Steve Boynton and First String Music



all rights reserved


Monarch Mtn Fort Collins, Colorado


Monarch Mtn is Logan Farmer

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Track Name: Resurrection Call
I was a poor girl in the hospital, 1983
When I spoke brief with my mother it was all she asked of me
Asked of me
To form some sort of sanctuary deep within in her walls
It was not so much her smothering than her Resurrection Call
It was not so much consideration but a Resurrection Call
What I heard inside the galley I now hear bouncing off the walls

A fine dream when you’re vain
Everything is the same - complete

I was born in a museum, maybe 1964
Under a portrait of a lover and a lover gone to war
Gone to war
Tattooed on my shoulder blades, the lyrics of a hymn:
It says “Sometimes you fight the law, and sometimes the law might win”
Sometimes the city enters you, sometimes they breach the wall
But when I left your broken body it was with a Resurrection Call

A fine dream when you’re vain
Everything is insane - complete

I was called into a crime scene, in the summer of '08
Where this kid was being questioned while heavily sedated
What a shame
Oppressive heat and cigarettes, he knows more than we think
If I take him to the alley, five minutes and he’ll break, I bet he’ll break
So I take him to the alley and I start in on his jaw
Is that a train deep in the valley or is that my Resurrection Call

A fine dream when you’re vain
Everything is the same
A loose string built to break
A new king for the age - plastique
Track Name: At Dawn, Three Michaels
At Dawn, Three Michaels
Lying next to me

Still drunk and stifled
I ponder the thing

In regards to your calling
The message on my phone

You are not so defeated
To accept the erode

I am with you
I, I
We are pursued
By, by
Everyone knew

I recall being gripped
By a horsehair mirage

Four visions, three Michaels
The first one was a lark

This room came with towels
And curtains on the glass

You could sleep here for hours
And no light would get past

We are in tune
By, by
Signals come through
Why, why
Do they love you?
Track Name: Mary & Robin
Mary, were you there to watch your Robin get shot yesterday?
It was dark in the morning, it stayed dark til noon
I called you into my room
Your face was wet from crying
I guess that’s how I knew

Married in a parking lot
You were both twenty three years old
Robin in his corduroys, the shape of a revolver
Some shifting iron weight
Some misplaced sense of danger
Manhattan from his place
Was a sight to behold

Mary did you lock the door
I own every inch of this apartment
Mary if you calm down, I’ll call down for a taxi
And we’ll tell him Mount Sinai
Even though I know it’s pointless
He could not be revived
I hear the door creak open

Mary I was there to watch your Robin get shot yesterday
And yet your generation isn’t ready for discerning
But if the lord abides
Pronounced dead at seven-thirty
He was only twenty-five
I identified his body
Track Name: My Favorite Colors
Do you know my favorite colors?
Two shades of gold: one bright, one dim
And if you go I’ll find another
But I’ll be alone again

The dark in you says ‘hello mister’
Just passing through, I’ll be on my way
But if I could just sit down for dinner
I’d be good again

You didn’t know but you should’ve figured
We were at home, I was high as shit
The smallest stone still makes a ripple
Now I’m alone again

A single man, mad talking singer
It’s not so bad if you leave the room
But if I leave my bed and the feeling lingers
I’m coming after you

Do you know my favorite colors?
Two shades of gold: one bright, one dim
And if you go, i’ll find another
But I’ll be alone again
Track Name: Sister, Say You Will
The door locks from inside
So try the window
The city from behind
My Buick Regal

My Buick Regal drives
The purring engine
The empty city rise
The ounce I’m ditching

An evening on the island
Your body next to mine
When did you stop supplying?
Sister do you buy?

Your father took a yacht
To Ellis Island
He educated up
“Career in finance”

A one percent-er
Drinks more than I do
He met David Bowie
In 1982

And my Buick Regal drives
He’s in my tape deck
‘Five years’ in my mind
I could never stand it

The paper says he’s dying
Did he keep you in the will?
Maybe we should write him
Sister say you will
Sister say you will
Track Name: The Dark Room
You were just a kid
I told you not to watch but you did
Now we can’t look at each other
And now you live
An apartment in the village
Comparison leaves me quietly impressed

And now my house
That I share here with my brother
We have found some kind of balance with each other
It is good

But sometimes I say “Eddie take the long way round
To the dark room”

It could not have been
I slept inside the walls that you slept in
Independent of each other
And if you live
To be a hundred and forty
Like you planned
I’d reflect on paler skin

And contemplate
The tremble in your voice and what you ate
We always cooked your favorites
It was kind, it was kind

But sometimes I say “Eddie take the long way round
To the dark room”

Once it was buried deep underground
Then it grew
Track Name: It All Belongs
Pardon me, the avalanche the storm brought
It all belongs
I can see the orchard flood and trees rock
And feel the dawn

I’ve known you since the age of ten, your brothers were sixteen
We drank a lot
We’d ride our bikes down to the swamp, fight naked in the reeds
I never lost

I called you once, your dad picked up
I stood and waited, thinking

Pardon me, the avalanche the storm brought
It all belongs
Do you believe in debts to beings beyond us
Or did you once?

I got my first job building cars, it was 1993
Saved every dime
You fell down in a liquor store, then the checks came every week
You met your wife

I called at night, once your son picked up
I stood and waited, breathing
“Who is it son?” then you’re on the line
“I told you to stop calling”
Track Name: I Will Cross Your Path Again
The dark chased the light
And another man’s kin
Gave me two dollars and a bed to sleep in
I asked for some work but they turned me away
Saying return the favor some other day

A three days ride led me into town
I told all I knew of the kindness I’d found
Hard times had fallen, such treatment was rare
A blessing I swore had been pulled from the air

It is simple
It is just
One september I’ll cross your path again
Just once

After some years these thoughts left my head
Replaced by the commoner’s hatred of man
It was some time til I took the same path
I wished to stop by and repay my debt

But the homestead was empty, the doors off their hinge
I called from the yard, no movement within
Crossed over the threshold saw nothing inside
Seeking the closure my fate had denied

It is simple
It is just
One september I’ll cross your path again
Just once